If mining machinery can ever be described as beautiful well then this dragline bucket surely is!!! Quite aside from the magnificent red lips👄 , it’s the gigantic WTAW logo that we’re loving.
After a loooong drive down from where it was built in Mackay, smiling at everyone along the way, this beauty arrived at Bengalla Mine near Muswellbrook last Friday and is a wonderful symbol of their commitment to promoting wellbeing and good mental health within their workforce.
This isn’t just a case of slapping on a logo and being done with it. No sireee, these guys are fairdinkum and are right behind WTAW’s push for PREVENTION rather than waiting around for people (their staff) to be sidelined by mental illness.
Key to this will be education sessions by WTAW (starting tomorrow!) for ALL 500 staff on how to develop PERMA (Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment) in their work place and in their lives and how this can promote wellbeing. Amongst other things, staff will learn about fight versus flight responses and how to flick a negative mindset into a growth mindset.
This will now become part of Bengalla’s modus operandi in the same way that OH&S is a very necessary and standard practice.
While Bengalla are right behind the PREVENTION of mental ill health, they have also been doing their bit for AWARENESS & INTERVENTION of mental ill health and were one of the very first workforces to join with WTAW to provide Mental Health First Aid training for not just staff, but their families as well.
Needless to say founder Pauline Carrigan is thrilled with Bengalla’s commitment to wellbeing and that WTAW is their charity of choice.
“Bengalla can see that prevention is so much better than treatment and we hope that this bucket will be a great big and beautiful reminder to their staff about the need to actively develop wellbeing practices!
“Rather than waiting around putting plans in place for when someone’s ill, Bengalla are recognizing that there are things they can do to maintain wellbeing.
“Quite aside from doing the right thing by their staff, research shows that they’ll see a much better bottom line through things like reduced sick days, improved retention and improved productivity.
“We’re very grateful that a major operation like Bengalla, which has the opportunity to influence so many, is taking a lead in this regard.”