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A mentally fit Upper Hunter community with a core value of wellbeing.  


To effect cultural change in the Upper Hunter through improved literacy of wellbeing and mental health in our schools, families and community.

Jane Callinan, Chair

Jane Callinan, Chair

On behalf of the WTAW Board of Directors, welcome to our website!

What an amazing couple of years it has been in the Upper Hunter!  Where there’s a Will has experienced overwhelming community engagement and support, especially financially.

The concepts of positive education, prevention through education and striving to flourish as a community are becoming part of our everyday language. We are all learning what this means and how it can be achieved.

The commitment from our school communities has been wonderful to see, the new connections and sharing amongst schools has been a positive outcome of the shared projects.

Through the generosity of the Upper Hunter community, significant funds have been raised to ensure that WTAW can continue to deliver, especially as this devastating drought continues to impact our region and drain our resources and energy. 

Our mission at WTAW is‘To effect cultural change in the Upper Hunter through improved literacy of wellbeing and mental health in our schools, families and community.’

This will happen as we continue to focus on prevention through education.  Successful examples of this include ‘Slip Slop Slap’, this Australian campaign taught us all how we can prevent skin cancer,  120 documented learner driver hours is education to equip our young drivers and strive for road safety.  WTAW is following this lead by adopting an education approach for wellbeing and mental health.

Prevention through education and awareness, an important distinction, WTAW does not focus on treatment but we do recognise that these resources are sorely needed in our community and throughout Australia.  The system is not coping with demand, there is a national shortage of practitioners. The circuit breaker in addressing mental health is to tackle it with prevention, equipping people with the tools to ride the highs and lows that life can throw at us, and how to identify when things are not going well and be able to seek help.

I encourage you to be curious and explore the information included on this website. Interesting searches include:

  • Professor Martin Seligman, universally recognised as the founder of Positive Psychology,
  • Professor Lea Waters, the current President of the International Positive Psychology Association. We are fortunate to have Lea leading Visible Wellbeing in the Upper Hunter schools
  • Search for: PERMA, PESA, VIA character strengths.

We are humbled by the community support to date, as a Board and Committee we are 100% convinced that this is the right journey to be on and are committed to the wellbeing of our schools and broader community.

In 2019 WTAW trained over 650 students from our five Upper Hunter High Schools in Teen Mental Health First Aid, 372 adults were trained in Youth Mental Health First Aid, 16 students attended the National Student Leadership Summit in Adelaide, over 200 adults learnt about Strengths Based Parenting from Prof Lea Waters, over 100 pre-school and ELC teachers trained in Visible Wellbeing, and to date over 5000 students spend every day of their school year learning skills and tools to help them thrive and flourish in life.

We understand that the Upper Hunter is the only ‘whole community’ implementing positive education and positive psychology on this scale. That this can happen relying on community commitment and financial support makes the Upper Hunter truly unique and trailblazers for the future of positive education, wellbeing and good mental health for our community.

Jane Callinan
Upper Hunter Where there’s a Will