We are blessed to have a caring community in the Upper Hunter.  A group of people who want to make a difference, and in particular, make a difference to their children’s lives and futures.  They are investing time, funds and effort into improving their knowledge and working towards a common language and learning more about positive education and how they can contribute to improving mental health and wellbeing in this community.


SUCCESS for Upper Hunter Where there’s a Will is creating a common language for children, families and the whole of the community.

To achieve improved literacy in mental health and wellbeing and create a sense of belonging for all members of the Upper Hunter community. 

Sporting Clubs

There are many and varied sporting clubs in the Upper Hunter.  As with many country towns, sporting clubs and competitions form a large basis of social life in the country.  Some of our sporting clubs have voluntarily organized fundraisers for Where there’s a Will.  Not only do we feel very grateful and privileged when approached to be the benefactor, we are thrilled they are spreading the word among their players and supporters – more evidence of the ripple effect.