“We taught him that”

Slip Slop Slap was the most successful health campaign in Australian history, it was introduced to aid in the prevention of skin cancer.  At Where there’s a Will, we have embraced the simplicity of Slip Slop Slap and our approach to mental health and wellbeing is based on this.

The most effective way to effect true cultural change within our community is start in our schools.  Education is the key, more specifically, Positive Education. 

Education for prevention is the sun hat and sunscreen for improved mental health and wellbeing.

Education towards improved literacy, greater understanding and awareness will contribute to early intervention of decreased mental health and wellbeing.

Education in our schools, our families, leads to a ripple effect of improved literacy in the greater community.

It is important to understand that mental ill health does not discriminate.  It can happen to me, my family.  It does not respect age, race, gender, level of education of financial status.