OUR Approach

Upper Hunter Where there's a Will works consistently to support our schools and community in the delivery of Positive Education current practices based on data driven and science-based research towards:

A flourishing Upper Hunter community that understands the importance of wellbeing.

In 2106, our community untied together to develop a way forward to address the reality of the rapid decline of mental health across our community.

Funds raised in our community, stay in our community.  No longer do we send our hard earned fundraising efforts out to large organisations in the hope they will come to 'rescue' us and help solve the issues face in our rural community.  We have become our own solution.

To date, we are two Local Government Areas, encompassing 11 communities, their respective schools (Primary, Secondary, Public, Independent and Catholic), Early Learning Centres and Family Day Care Centres untied in what is now recognised as the largest Positive Education Cluster Model globally.

Our beautiful and brightly coloured tree represents, belief, unity, hope, pride and accomplishment in our community.