We always love donations to WTAW but the $300 cheque that came in from the Year 12 Students at Muswellbrook High last week was one of the most significant investments that’s ever been made.

The 2019 cohort decided that they’d like to include the WTAW logo on their prized Year 12 Jerseys and that they would donate $5 per jersey to our cause because they can see the difference our work is making in their school.

Student Emily Bishop explains it like this:

“We know what WTAW is doing for our school community.  We’ve lost people, we know why their work is important.

“When we were in Year 10 they provided Mental Health First Aid training for everyone in our year, they’ve sent students to Positive Education summits in Adelaide, they’re directing us to resources for when we need help and they have made sure that wellbeing is discussed in our classes.

“WTAW has made our school a more positive place and it has helped me so much.  I have good wellbeing, but I can see how this knowledge has helped some of my friends who struggle and it makes me happier knowing that they now have some tools to improve their wellbeing.

“WTAW was the only suggestion put forward as a charity to support and everyone agreed because everyone knows it’s a good thing to do.   We’ve seen wellbeing improve in the majority of people and we’re understanding about self actualisation and self love.

“I just think everyone appreciates the support WTAW gives us in so many ways.”

WTAW founder Pauline Carrigan was overwhelmed when presented with the cheque by the students.

“I was just so emotional hearing what they’re saying.

“For kids that age to recognise that wellbeing initiatives are what they need, to take action to ensure they are delivered and to say that ‘we’re in this together’ is such an important step forward for this community.

“It is immensely satisfying to know that 60 students will go forward in their lives at the end of this year armed with tools to help them cope with the challenges that will come their way and spreading their knowledge about the importance of wellbeing.

“This is an achievement that everyone who has ever supported WTAW can take pride in.”