Support from the Aberdeen Highland Games  Oct 29, 2019 | News  On Saturday WTAW founder Pauline Carrigan very gladly received a donation from Charlie Cook, President of the Aberdeen Highland Games. This is the third year in a row they have supported our work because they can see the impact it is having on the Upper Hunter community. read more Student Leadership Wellbeing Plans Revealed  Oct 20, 2019 | News  Today WTAW founders Pauline and Hilton Carrigan threw open the doors to their beautiful home and garden to host our student leadership team and their families for lunch and for the students to share their plans for improving wellbeing in the five Upper Hunter high schools. read more Albies 2019 Charity Fundraiser for WTAW  Sep 23, 2019 | News  We took great delight in banking a cheque today for a whopping $35,000from Albies College at University of New England. Albies make a commitment each year to fundraise for a nominated charity and in 2019 WTAW has benefitted from the great determination, generosity,... read more VWB for Early Learning Centres  Sep 12, 2019 | News  We are indebted to Kirsty Hails from the Yellow Cottage for the work she has done to help develop Visible Wellbeing Training for early childcare teachers. More than 120 teachers from day care centres and pre-schools from across the Upper Hunter have completed this... read more Burning Bright in the Upper Hunter  Aug 29, 2019 | News  BurnBright you never disappoint!!! Today the leadership programme had 150 Year 10 students from our five Upper Hunter high schools totally captivated, totally in to it and totally buzzing with wellbeing. read more WTAW – Your Contributions Making a Difference  Aug 26, 2019 | News  If you’ve ever made a donation to WTAW or been to an event supporting our work, please keep reading to see how your contributions are making a difference. read more Strengths Based Parenting – Lea Waters Strength Switch  Aug 13, 2019 | News  It’s one thing to raise money to improve mental health, it’s another to roll up your sleeves and take action to help improve mental health. In the Upper Hunter we’re blessed to have both! read more information evening with Professor Martin Seligman

Last night Barley Ward-Thomas, a 52-year-old father of three and Stud Manager of Godolphin, was in Sydney for business and thought he’d make the most of the opportunity offered by WTAW to attend an information evening with Professor Martin Seligman who is widely regarded as the godfather of Positive Psychology.

Barley joined more than 30 others from the Upper Hunter (mostly teachers & most of whom jumped on a mini-bus provided by WTAW after school, arrived home at midnight & then fronted up to teach our kids this morning – cos that’s how their commitment rolls!)

Here’s what he had to say about the experience:
“It completely opened my eyes. I’m not a sceptic, but you do hear a lot of these catch phrases about ‘wellbeing’ and from a practical point of view I wasn’t sure what that all meant.
“I now see how important Positive Education is – it’s basically future-proofing our children’s mental health.
“I even see the importance of this education for my own generation and the generation below me so we can all influence the future.
“Martin explained the science behind your own happiness and how interlinked it is to your personal life, your family life, your professional life. He explained that our level of optimism is directly linked to general health but also to our life expectancy. In short – pessimism is very unhealthy.
He also explained that optimism is something that can be taught.
“I never understood the intrinsic link between your own wellbeing, your health and the effect of your wellbeing on others.
“It was remarkable and I have an even greater appreciation for just how essential Positive Education is for the future of our children.”

Barley’s words are MUSIC TO OUR EARS!!! His experience is exactly why we want as many parents and carers to join us for Professor Lea Waters’ information evening on Strengths Based Parenting on Monday 12 August, 7pm at Scone RSL Club.

Prof Waters learnt from Prof Seligman & she provides practical ways we can implement the science of Prof Seligman. It is a huge coup to have her coming to the Upper Hunter.
Please share Barley’s words and sign up to come along.

Our thanks to Ravenswood School for Girls – Official Site– who hosted last night’s evening with Prof Seligman – and who helped subsidise costs for our teachers to attend. This ‘paying it forward’ attitude is part of the reason why Prof Seligman acknowledged them as the leading girls school worldwide in Positive Education.