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Day 9 – PERMA: Positive Emotion – Power of YOU Challenge

May 19, 2020

Positive emotion is not about wanting to be happy all of the time; it is the ability to remain optimistic and still feel okay while daily life challenges reign down around us. You see, our brains are hardwired for negativity, our brain wants to protect us so it points out absolutely everything and anything that may be of potential harm to us, 24/7. The name of this phenomenon is natural negativity bias.

Does negativity bias control your thoughts? Does it make you focus your attention on the bad, rather than the good? Does it take over your day-to-day life? We would like to introduce the bias buster! This features gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, time for yourself, thought defusion and hope.

Let’s go to battle with negativity; let’s look for the good in our day, every day. It’s a bit like picking the chocolate bits out of a cookie and eating the rest later.

What made you laugh? What made you cry with joy or pride? What did you get done? What did you explore with interest and what did you find? Who did you love? And what made you cook up a great meal? This is the stuff worth focusing on.

What lit you up Upper Hunter? Share the good stuff and light us all up!

#powerofyou #wtawchallenge


May 19, 2020