As this drought continues to test rural communities there’s been LOTS of talk about the need to be resilient. Over the next six weeks WTAW founder Pauline Carrigan will be appearing on Upper Hunter local radio with a series of experts and community leaders providing tools and advice on how to actively build resilience.

Science tells us that wellbeing requires 5 keys elements: Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment (PERMA)… and right now If you’re a farmer or small business owner in our towns at least three of those things are pretty thin on the ground.

Pauline and others will be talking about simple steps that can be taken to improve each of these. She’ll be on ABC Upper Hunter (105.7FM/1044AM) at 7.20am tomorrow, Thursday 31 October. Please tune in and/or share these details with anyone you think might benefit. If you miss it, we hope to be able to share a link later in the day 🤞We also have our fingers crossed that Country Hour might take it so more regional communities can share in some of the good stuff we’ve got going on here in the Upper Hunter🤞🤞.

Jessica Rouse from 2NM, who’s doing a great job highlighting to city dwellers the impact of drought across our community, will also be running the series. We’ll share these details when confirmed.
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