Last night 39 teachers from the Upper Hunter took to the skies and headed for the Gold Coast but it wasn’t for the sun, the sand or the theme parks. No sir, it was for something much, much better – the fifth annual Positive Education Schools Association conference!!

Today and tomorrow these teachers will learn, share and connect with experts and practitioners, teachers and school leaders, and parents and community members who share a commitment to an evidence-based approach to the wellbeing of students, staff and schools.

They’ll be learning about the latest research, theory, best practice and practical applications from local and international experts, educators and practitioners.

WTAW first funded 20 teachers to attend this conference two years ago and we’re absolutely thrilled to see this number has now doubled, with schools valuing the experience so much that they are now funding additional teachers to attend.

We’re also extraordinarily proud to reveal that our founder Pauline Carrigan will join Positive Education experts from around the world as a KEY NOTE SPEAKER!!!!. This ain’t no small thing! This puts what’s happening here in the Upper Hunter with WTAW on the same stage as people who are shaping wellbeing policy for the UK government, advising the US Army and who are selling millions of books around the world on best practices for wellbeing.