Leadership Summit

“If you require change, engage those who have the power to do so.” Not quite sure who said this, but that’s exactly what we’re aiming for at WTAW!

We’re not about surviving ‘ill health’ – we’re about prevention of ill health; we’re about thriving and flourishing and our high school leaders are helping lead the way.

The 20 students from our five Upper Hunter High Schools who attended the student leadership summit in Adelaide earlier this year will host their own summit for their peers at St Joseph’s in Aberdeen this Friday.

Today they held their final dress rehearsal, readying themselves to help 110 of their peers to learn how to strengthen their own wellbeing – to set plans, to know the power of their voice and actions and how to stay focused on their goals.

This will then allow them all to take on the challenge of influencing wellbeing throughout their schools and by ripple effect, their families and our community.

Key to this will be the development of ‘wellbeing projects’ for each of the schools.

This is a big thing for our kids and for the wellbeing of our community.