Presentation from Pauline Carrigan

WTAW founder Pauline Carrigan was invited to speak at the International Positive Psychology Association’s conference in Melbourne last night. She was joined by Samantha Fragar from Muswellbrook High School and Shelby Lewis from Aberdeen Public School who WTAW is sponsoring to complete their Masters in Positive Psychology.

The international attendees were astonished to learn about a community funding 20 schools and 21 Early Learning Centres to complete Visible Wellbeing and funding 32 teachers to complete their Professional Certificate of Positive Education.

A working psychologist from Serbia approached Pauline after her speech, hugged her and said ‘thanks’. He is employed to work with children, families and communities rebuilding after the devastation of war and he wishes he could replicate what we are doing here. They are suffering badly from grief, fear and anger and the children are innocent. He was so thankful for our community taking this direction as he sees our project as the hope for many.

This is just one of many similar conversations Pauline has had over the weekend.

This is something we all need to be proud of and we hope that our community can continue to inspire others.