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Day 5 – Use Your Strengths – Power of YOU Challenge

May 8, 2020

We all use our character strengths in our daily lives, when we chat with a friend, go to work, help a neighbour – generally function day-to-day.

We use kindness when you bring in your neighbours bin, or teamwork when you collaborate with a colleague over a presentation. You use fairness when you negotiate with the kids over whose turn it is to empty the bins, or your appreciation of beauty and excellence when you admire a mates new ute. You use humour when you have a laugh with shop assistants over buying more toilet paper.

Our character strengths are in us all of the time, and they are one of the drives behind us seeking out people, events and places that make us feel good and uplifted.

Today, catch yourself using your character strengths, actually think about what strengths you use throughout your day. Did you use your signature strengths, or did you draw on other strengths? Think about the idols and role models you have and what character strengths do you think they have? Can you see them using them? Do you think you have the same top five strengths as them?

Share your ideas, have a chat with friends or family about their day, spot them using their character strengths, catch them using fairness, love, humility – any of the character strengths.

You could even have a photo challenge with your family where you snap a photo of each other using your strengths of the day and then share them over dinner. Just remember to use your kindness, and maybe a bit of humour.

Feel free to share on your socials – remember to tag us! #powerofyou #wtawchallenge


May 8, 2020