Following the Appreciative Inquiry Summit in July, ten ‘Deliver It’ teams were established continue momentum in the community with the findings and outcomes from the AI summit.

Each of the 10 teams had an AI steering committee member to help with initial meeting set up and establishment.  At each first meeting, a leading person was established and various roles were filled.

It is expected that through natural attrition, some teams will thrive and be quite established, some teams will fall away and in some instances some of the teams might merge as their focus aligns.

Currently, we have four teams that are operational and still meeting on a regular basis.  Some of these teams feel they are ready to present to the Board for approval to move forward with their various projects.


Student Leadership Lindy Hunt
School Leadership Elizabeth Bate / Kelly Pearson
Mentoring Pauline Carrigan / Taya Elphinstone
Measurement Jaclyn Geerin
Community / Sporting Clubs Kathy Burns
Families Kirsty Hails
Curriculum Marika Eveleigh
Community Relationships Jane Callinan
Professional Development Michelle Clydsdale




The hope of the Student Leadership group is

“That all young people in Upper Hunter Schools have access to leadership opportunities.”

The Student Leadership team have not met formally (as per group from AI) but Lindy has been meeting with the students who form the leadership team regularly.  After a conversation with Lindy, it was agreed that the group of leadership students who attend the National Student Leadership Summit annually will make up the Student Leadership Group.  The Student Leadership team are working through their plan as developed at the AI and ticking things off as they are achieved.

The other AI members who elected to be part of this team will move now to join the group and work in the projects together that the Student Leadership group undertake.


The hope of the Mentoring group is:

“Mentoring Mindset” it takes a village to raise a child.  Have a paid Mentoring Champion that/who is invested within the community to help bring together all groups to develop and support mentors with the community which will lead to mentoring people in need.


The hope of the Families group is:

“That every family in the Upper Hunter has awareness of / access to PERMA education and knowledge”

The familiies team have had their first meeting and it went well, they are keen to see where what they want to do in terms of educating the community about PERMA and positivity can fit with the projects of Where there’s a Will.


The hope of the Families group is:

“Form a committee that involves representatives from all schools, community and sporting groups.  A place of contact to share ideas and resources.”

This group has already met once and they have a second meeting scheduled to occur.  Two of the projects they are looking at starting include:

Linking children with community members i.e: visiting retirement homes.

Mentoring in sporting clubs / community groups


The hope of the Community Relationships group is:

“Strong relationships between communities and school so that they may flourish”

“Embed a consistent message through the community”

“Harness action”

The community relationship team have met a couple of times and are a very strong team.  They have developed a formal plan that they are working on to establish WTAW Ambassadors for community groups in the Upper Hunter.  At their next meeting they will work closer on the parameters of what this will entail and what they will be looking for in an Ambassador.  When they have this they will look at presenting to the Board for approval to move forward with their project.




The hope of the Measurement group is:

“Measurement of progression of success – starting with baseline measurement and regular measurement interval to ensure efficacy, sustainability and accountability and to provide future direction.”


The measurement team have not formally met but some progression has been made.  Andrea met with Dr Peggy Kern, who is super keen to assist with this project – is it core to what Peggy does in her research.  Jaclyn Geerin has agreed to take on this project to ensure that it gets underway and moves forward.  The members of the group are quite geographically challenged but all keen to be involved as they do see that this will underpin our success as a charity.  Andrea will link Peggy and Jaclyn the rest of the team.