Support from the Aberdeen Highland Games  Oct 29, 2019 | News  On Saturday WTAW founder Pauline Carrigan very gladly received a donation from Charlie Cook, President of the Aberdeen Highland Games. This is the third year in a row they have supported our work because they can see the impact it is having on the Upper Hunter community. read more Student Leadership Wellbeing Plans Revealed  Oct 20, 2019 | News  Today WTAW founders Pauline and Hilton Carrigan threw open the doors to their beautiful home and garden to host our student leadership team and their families for lunch and for the students to share their plans for improving wellbeing in the five Upper Hunter high schools. read more Albies 2019 Charity Fundraiser for WTAW  Sep 23, 2019 | News  We took great delight in banking a cheque today for a whopping $35,000from Albies College at University of New England. Albies make a commitment each year to fundraise for a nominated charity and in 2019 WTAW has benefitted from the great determination, generosity,... read more VWB for Early Learning Centres  Sep 12, 2019 | News  We are indebted to Kirsty Hails from the Yellow Cottage for the work she has done to help develop Visible Wellbeing Training for early childcare teachers. More than 120 teachers from day care centres and pre-schools from across the Upper Hunter have completed this... read more Burning Bright in the Upper Hunter

BurnBright you never disappoint!!! Today the leadership programme had 150 Year 10 students from our five Upper Hunter high schools totally captivated, totally in to it and totally buzzing with wellbeing.

If we could have invited the entire Upper Hunter community to witness it, we would have because it really is something special.

Schools and teachers see such value in this programme that this is the third year WTAW has brought Burn Bright to the Upper Hunter, with Regional Australia Bankproviding the funding for today’s session which focused on Resilience, Relationships and Grit.

If you were one of the students who joined in today, we’d love you to post a comment about what the day meant to you or share some highlights.

If you get a chance tomorrow (Friday) morning, tune in to Mike Prichard on ABC Upper Hunter so you can listen to students speak about just how much today’s session meant to them.