150 students from the five Upper Hunter high schools are buzzing in their homes tonight after Where there’s a Will brought the Burn Bright Leadership programme to Scone today.

Burn Bright delivers programmes that take young people from surviving to thriving by helping them to understand the capacity and potential they have to make a change in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Today the students learned how anyone can be a leader, how important it is to serve others & how important it is to start each day looking to have a positive influence on just one person.

A Harvard study shows that we influence 10,000 people in our lifetimes and the students today were encouraged to think about what the world might look like if that daily influence on someone was a positive one.

We were absolutely thrilled to see all five schools in the Upper Hunter participating in this programme, united in their desire to bring positive education to their students. We were equally thrilled to see the way the students embraced the opportunity and worked together in all of the activities.

If you were one of the students that participated in today’s session, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section. If you were a student that missed out – never fear, we’re pretty sure that after the positive feedback from today’s session that bringing Burn Bright back to the Upper Hunter will be a priority for Where there’s a Will.

Thanks to everyone who was involved!